Restore AVCHD Files from SD Card




Simple Way to Retrieve AVCHD Video Files from micro SD Card

Advanced Video Coding High Definition or most commonly known as AVCHD is a file format for recording high-definition video files. This video file format was developed conjointly by Sony and Panasonic for usage in high definition camcorders. As camcorders lack internal memory space area therefore, they require external storage card to save AVCHD high-definition video files. Sometime due to different reasons these AVCHD high-definition video files get lost or deleted from SD card of camcorder. To recover AVCHD files from SD card all you need to is implementation of this software which is capable enough to effortlessly perform AVCHD video file recovery from SD card.

Files like AVCHD usually get lost or deleted due to plethora of the reasons. Before getting into details about how to recover AVCHD files on SD card; a few of them are illustrated as follows:

Accidental Deletion: The simplest way to delete any of the files from SD card is applying delete command. However, if this simple to use command is applied unknowingly then it may result in deletion of some of the newly created AVCHD high-definition video files. We generally stumble upon such a mistake while we are in hurry to make free space for some of the files. To know more about deletion related scenarios, visit this link:

File System Corruption: Any of the AVCHD high-definition video files can get lost from camcorder SD card due to type corruption. Storage card like SD card may get corrupted due to different reasons such as improper ejection, power failure while using it, virus attack, issues with attached gadget and many more. As this kind of data loss happen each of the files present on SD card get unreachable and every any user tries making use of files present upon it an error message is reported. To know how to recover corrupted SD card data, visit this link:

Other Reasons: Few of the other reasons for AVCHD high-definition video files data loss from SD card are unintentional formatting, deletion due to third party software, error while changing file system, etc. In each of these complex data loss scenario, you can make use of this software to perform AVCHD video file recovery from SD card. However,one can grab more information about how to restore SanDisk 16GB Micro SD Card data lost due to accidental formatting or reformatting, severe virus attacks, etc. To know more information, simply click here

This software has one of the best user interfaces that allow users to recover AVCHD files from SD card without any kind of cumbersome or complex procedure. As soon as scanning of SD card is completed, any of you can preview the files before finally SD card AVCHD file recovery is done on required location. One of the other advantageous aspects of making use of SD card AVCHD file recovery software is that it allows users to compress the files before awarding them the required memory space area. Any of you can make use of this software to recover AVCHD files from SD card of different file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT64 and different others. This software helps users to recover SD card on Mac operating system without any kind of difficulty. This software is capable to restore AVCHD files on SD card of different brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Transcend, etc.


Note: With the help of this award winning software, its possible to restore data from SD card quick formatted due to accidental formatting, severe virus attacks, file system corruption, etc. For more updated information, simply click here


Follow the steps to Recover AVCHD Files from SD Card:


Step 1: Launch the installed software, main window will pop out then you will find three options "Recover Files""Recover Photos" and "Recover Partitions / Drives". You need to click on option i.e. "Recover Photos" in order to recover photos from mini SD card.

Recover AVCHD Files from SD Card - Main Screen

Main Screen


Step 2: After that choose any of the two options whichever matches your SD card scenarios from “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”.


Recover AVCHD Files from SD Card - Select the mode of SD card Recovery

Select Recovery Option



Step 3: Select the SD card from list of drives from which photos are to be recovered. Then click on “Next” to begin the scanning process as shown in Figure 3.

Recover AVCHD Files from SD Card - Select the logical drive

Select SD card


Step 4: After the scanning process is over you can view the recovered files and folders from SD card.


Recover AVCHD Files from SD Card - Evaluate the recovery results

Preview Window



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