Corrupt SD Card Data Recovery




How to recover corrupted SD card data?

Secure Digital (SD) cards are extensively used in various devices like digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs, portable CGP systems, video game consoles etc. Being reliable, portable and durable, they are almost used everywhere. They are used to store text documents, pictures, videos, games, music and many other important data. SD cards are easily removable and hence provide flexibility in terms of device memory capacity. Besides all these features SD cards are not immune to corruption like that of the other memory cards. They too get affected by various data corruption issues like improper handling of SD cards, memory storage issues, formatting errors etc. If you have faced such kind of situations and don�t know how to recover SD card corrupted data, then you should use any SD card recovery tool which will rescue all your SD card data. Before knowing about the SD card recovery tool in details you should know the SD card data corruption issue in details which are discussed below. Transcend SD Card photo recovery tool helps you to retrieve pictures lost due to formating.


Most Common reasons for SD card corruption:


  • Battery Issues: If the battery of the digital camera dies in the halfway of data transfer from camera to computer, then the SD card in it become corrupt leading to the corruption of data stored in that SD card. In addition to that if you continue taking pictures from your digital camera when a little battery life is left, then it can also corrupt the SD card inside the camera
  • Improper Storage Issues: Even though the SD card indicates that it can store certain number of images, in actual it may be storing less than that number of images depending on the resolution of the pictures you are shooting or the exposure settings. AS a result the SD card may become corrupt because of overloaded with images than its actual capacity
  • Haphazard use of digital camera: The digital camera need some times to process the pictures so that it can write them on the SD cards inserted. Sometimes, when you shot pictures in rapid succession, it may affect the SD cards performance negatively. Similarly removing the SD card from the card reader or the camera can corrupt it, which makes data stored in it inaccessible
  • Other issues: Other reasons responsible for SD card data corruption are virus attack, instant power failure, improper system shut down, formatting issues (like improper formatting, accidental formatting etc.), file system error etc

To avoid SD card corruption due to any of the above reasons you can follow some precautionary measures which are highlighted below:


  • To prevent your SD card from being overloaded you can transfer the images and videos from camera to your computer on regular basis. Sometimes, SD card that is full of images may overwrite its card header
  • You should take care of the usage if the digital camera and its battery issue in order to avoid SD card data corruption
  • If your SD card is already corrupted then you need to stop using that SD card until and unless you recover all the SD card data fully. This should be done in order to prevent the lost data on SD card from being overwritten with newly saved data


To recover SD card corrupted data easily and safely SD Card Recovery Software is one of the best SD card recovery tool. This software can also retrieve files erased from SD card easily. All the deleted / lost files from different types of SD (mini SD cards, micro SD cards, SDHC cards etc.) cards can be recovered using this software. SanDisk SD card data recovery is also possible by this software. Apart from SanDisk SD cards, this software also performs card recovery in many other memory card brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak etc. The software possesses built in algorithm which is specially designed to rescue deleted / lost pictures, videos, audios, digital RAW photos from SD cards, flash memory cards, hard disks, USB external drives etc. It is possible to recover files from formatted SD card after accidental formatting, formatting error messages, SD card corruption, etc by using this SD card recovery software. You can recover files from corrupted SD card connected to Windows and Mac operating system. It can even undelete SD card files on Mac OS X and all above versions of Mac Operating System


Steps to recover corrupted SD card data:


Step 1: Connect the corrupted SD card to a healthy computer. Then download and install SD Card Recovery software to that computer. After launching the software successfully you�ll find three different options in the Windows screen. Choose "Recover Photos" from those options as showm in Fig 1 below


Recover Corrupt SD Card Data - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Next you'll get two more options like "Recover Deleted Photos" and ":Recover Lost Photos". Choose any of them according to your data loss scenario as shown in Fig 2 below

Recover Corrupt SD Card Data - Select the mode of SD card Recovery

Figure 2: Select SD card Data Recovery mode

Step 3: Then select the corrupted SD card as your logical drive in the next Window screen. Click on "Next" to start the scanning process once you select the logical drive as shown in Fig 3 below:

Recover Corrupt SD Card Data- Select the logical drive

Figure 3: Select the logical drive


Step 4: After the scanning is completed you can view the retrieved data as well as evaluate the performance of the software as shown in Fig 4 below:


Recover Corrupt SD Card Data- Evaluate the recovery results

Figure 4: Evaluate the scanning results


Note: You will be only allowed to save the recovered SD card data in case of full version of this software.


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