Quickest Way to Restore Deleted Files from SD Card




Approaches to recover SD card deleted files:


SD card is one of the most useful and popular storage device. Generally, you prefer to use SD cards as it is compatible with different  types of devices like mobiles, cameras, media players, portable game consoles etc. Since SD cards offers high data storage capacity and faster data transfer speed, they are frequently used to save large amount of data like PDFs, document files, media files etc. Though, few SD cards have manual write protect switch to avoid data loss, it is likely to lose some of your valuable files due to accidental deletion.


One day, by seeing how messy your SD card is i.e. how all images and other files are scattered in SD card, you decided to create one new folder and just dumped everything into that new  folder. After some days, you want to delete some folders from an SD card that had files which are no longer needed.  In a hurry, you connected SD card to computer using a card reader and mistakenly selected the new folder that had precious files, images and deleted along with other folders. What now??? Losing such an important files can be totally shocking as the data like images of wedding ceremony  can never be recreated!!! You must be thinking to retrieve deleted data from Windows Recycle Bin. However, you cannot as files deleted from SD card or any other removable storage devices bypass the Recycle Bin. Here are some other scenarios due to which your files may get deleted.


Due to Formatting: You might have accidentally formatted the Secure Digital card without taking a proper backup of files which is essential. Formatting process deletes all files and folders from SD card and creates the new file system. Therefore, accidentally formatting SD card results in complete data loss.


Deletion of files from SD card on Camera: Some user gets delete photos from the digital camera’s SD card.  When you delete files from digital camera, there is no special folder to store deleted files like Recycle Bin resulting in a loss of files.



Well, if you have proper backup of lost data then you are lucky!!! But, what if you don’t have a backup??  Are you out of luck?? Stay Calm!! When you delete the files, only links pointing to the location of files are removed from a directory structure.  The files still exist there until you save new files over that storage area. Therefore, don’t use the SD card before recovering all those deleted files properly as it reduces the chances of the deleted files getting overwritten by newly saved files.


SD Card Recovery Software  can easily restore accidentally deleted files from SD memory cards. If your SD card is corrupted due to virus infection, file system corruption, power failures during data transfer or improper system shutdown then employ this software. It can easily restore data from corrupt SD card. It can also retrieve files from  formatted SD cards, XD cards, Memory sticks, MMCs etc. Special built in algorithms of this software helps you to restore deleted/lost media files like images, audios, digital RAW image files, videos on the basis of their unique signatures. The software is highly compatible with  both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems like Win 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you’ve deleted SD card files on Mac OS X then you can recover SD card on Mac using Mac version of SD Card Recovery Software. SD card photo recovery is possible with the aid of this wizard and it can recover deleted SD card files from popular brands of SD card namely Transcend, Lexar, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony and more. They can be deleted accidentally or during anti – virus scanning process, the infected files may be deleted. Using phone SD card recovery software you can view the file content of the restored files prior to restoration. Whatever may be the scenario which has caused data loss, this software is capable to rescue the files safely. Having a effective software like this you will be able to recover deleted images from lexar SDHC Card on Windows and Mac OS.


Useful Steps to recover SD card deleted files:


Step 1: Connect the affected SD card to the computer either using card reader or using camera. Then download and install the demo version of SD Card Recovery Software to that computer. Launch the application and choose “Recover Photos” option to rescue the deleted image files as shown in Fig 1


Recover SD Card Deleted Files - Main Windows Screen

Figure 1: Main Windows Screen


Step 2: After selecting this option two options will appear on the next screen such as “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select the option "Recover Deleted Photos" to recover deleted SD card files as shown in Fig 2


Recover SD Card Deleted Files - Choose the mode of SD card Recovery

Figure 2: Select SD card Recovery mode


Step 3: After selecting appropriate option choose the SD card and click on “Next” button to start the scanning process.


Recover SD Card Deleted Files - Select the logical drive

Figure 3: Select Proper logical drive


Step 4: After the scanning process is over you’ll be able to see the recovered files and accordingly evaluate the recovery results. You can also save the recovered files to a desired storage space when you’ll be using the purchased version of this software


Recover SD Card Deleted Files - Evaluate the scanning results

Figure 4: Evaluate the Recovery results



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