Image Recovery from SD Card




Best Way to Restore SD Card Pictures

If you are using digital products like digital camera, camcorder, smart phone, etc it always requires you to handle them with extreme care. Any unintentional mistake can take off entire photos from SD card giving you a nightmarish experience. Your cherished photos that have captured precious moments are disappeared from SD card for unknown reason. You will be wondering what had happened to photos and how they are missing all of sudden!!! Even though such problems are very common, it’s tough to believe the fact of losing memorable photos. However, need not worry many advanced memory card recovery utilities have come up to as resolve your problem. These tools are built with sophisticated features that will enable you to get back lost pictures at your own. You can choose one such trusted tool known as SD card photo recovery utility that is widely recognized and used by large number of people. This tool has an interactive user interface that will take you to the step by step recovery process even if you don’t have enough technical knowledge. It will provide you an option called “Preview”, which will let you to preview each and every recovered image file at the end of recovery process. And it also helps to recover Phone SD card files.

Don't panic, still you can get back your valuable pictures!!!

When photo gets deleted from memory card, it will not be lost forever just its allocation information is deleted from file system and space occupied by photo is marked as reusable. But the deleted file content still continues to present on memory card until it is overwritten by new data. Therefore to have better chances of restoring lost photos you need to stop using your SD card for further taking photos or saving other files as it will lead to permanent loss of photos once deleted photo space is overwritten by new data. Also avoid formatting or reformatting the SD card from which you have lost pictures. Make sure that you always have another copy of your important SD card photos so that you will not be worried when you lose files from SD card in future.

Causes for deletion/loss of photos from SD card are as follows:

  • When you click on “Delete All” option by mistake while previewing photos or due to  incorrect handling of digital camera
  • Unintentionally selecting important photos while deleting some needless pictures from SD card to free its space when connected to computer
  • Accidentally formatting SD card either by hitting format card option in hurry or wrongly selecting it on computer instead of any hard drive partition
  • SD card becomes inaccessible due to file system corruption on account of virus attacks, incomplete file transfer and so on. It may display some error messages like “blank SD card” or “unsupported file system”, “drive not formatted, format now”, etc indicating that file system is damaged
  • Improper insertion of SD into card reader, abruptly removing SD card during file transfer process or taking out SD card from digital camera while capturing photos may lead to loss of data
  • Power failures or sudden system shut down during photo transfer, loading SD card with large number files than its actual capacity and many more facts can even result in loss of photos from SD memory card

  • What are the key features of SD card recovery utility?

    • When you lose your valuable pictures due to any of the above mentioned reasons, you can use SD card recovery software to restore lost images without having any doubt.
    • It will scan entire memory card in few minutes to recover deleted SD card files such as photo, audio, video and digital RAW photo files.
    • It supports various photo formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, PSD, etc from SD, XD, CF, MMC types of memory cards.
    • You can also recover RAW file types like CRW, CR2, NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF, KDC, K25, DCR and lot more supported by various brand of professional DSLR cameras.
    • Using this tool, it will enable you to carry out formatted MicroSD card image recovery and can even retrieve pictures from corrupted MicroSD, MiniSD card, SDHC and SDXC.
    • You will be able to retrieve pictures from SanDisk SD card and can get back lost/deleted media files from other SD card manufactures namely Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Lexar, etc  
    • Apart from SD card, you can recover photos, videos and music files from USB drives, hard drives and iPod devices
    • You can successfully carryout SD card file recovery on Windows (Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008) and Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) operating systems.
    • It can recover SD card android photos and other files.

    • Steps to recover photos from SD card are:

      Step 1: First you need to plug the SD card into your computer, download and install the trial version of SD Card Recovery Software on your computer. You’ll able to see three different options on your main screen as you launch the software like “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Partition / Drives”. Select “Recover Photos” option among the three as shown in Figure 1.


      Recover Photos from SD Card - Main Windows Screen

      Figure 1: Main Screen


      Step 2: After that choose the option whichever suits your SD card data loss scenarios from “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select the second option to recover photos lost from SD card as shown in Figure 2.


      Recover Photos from SD Card - Select Recover Lost Photos

      Figure 2: Select Recover Lost Photos



      Step 3: Then select the SD card as your logical drive from which photos are to be recovered. Then Click on “Next” to begin the scanning process as shown in Figure 3.


      Recover Photos from SD Card - Select MicroSD card

      Figure 3: Select SD Card


      Step 4: After the scanning procedure is over you can view the recovered pictures from SD card, right click on any recovered photo and preview it and evaluate the recovery results.


      Recover Photos from SD Card - Recovered Files

      Figure 4: Evaluate the Recovery Results


      Note: To avoid such loss of pictures, videos and songs from your SD card, you should always backup your important SD card files regularly. Do not remove the SD card abruptly from the card reader during the process of file transfer between SD card and computer. Handle SD cards with care while inserting or removing it from the card reader or digital camera. Use recent version of antivirus program on your computer to make it virus free and to prevent data loss due to corruption of SD card. Don’t use digital camera for capturing photos or recording videos when camera is low on battery.